Online Distance Learning

Online Distance Learning at Southville International School and Colleges is an online and distance learning course tailored to help you meet the demands of your work whilst developing you as a professional. Your tutors work with you at your own time, pace, and convenience.

Our Vision

SISC is committed to provide students with quality education in anticipation of international employment and business demands. The Online Distance Learning Program which provides a flexible and accessible mode of learning is an alternative to the traditional classroom-based programs.

Our Mission

SISC’s mission is to provide wider access to global quality higher education through the Online Distance Learning program (ODL). ODL provides education to students in the Undergraduate programs. The ODL programs are intended to help students who, because of time, work, physical or medical reason cannot avail of regular schooling.

Who We Are

Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) is the only international school in the Philippines offering a complete array of educational programs officially recognized as an educational institution of international character based on the Republic Act (R.A.) No. 9493. Propelled by its main thrust of providing the highest quality standards of education to learners, SISC keeps in constant pursuit of excellence in instructional-related matters, research, and community services. SISC delivers excellent grade school, high school, IB and college education and is one of the leaders in the Philippines.

Among the many reasons why students choose to study in SISC besides its complete educational offerings are its internationally-benchmarked curricula and learner needs-responsive programs that facilitate the students’ adjustment to their new environment. In fact, students from non-English speaking countries in Asia choose to enroll in the International Baccalaureate Program of SISC not just because of the comparatively lower school fees but because it is managed by a team of competent educators who have been trained in various parts of the world to ensure that the culture of each person is kept in SISC’s community of cultural diversity while acquiring excellent academic education.

As one of the top international schools in Manila, SISC employs innovative and internationally-benchmarked curricular offerings in College taking into account crucial factors in the job market to prepare all types of learners of various nationalities and cultures for global competitiveness. The astute academic and character building programs in all levels including high school, grade school and preschool make it facile for the students to successfully hurdle all school requirements including social and environmental adjustment anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, the curricula in College, High School, Grade School, and Preschool are supported by various special academic achievement enhancement programs such as English as Second Language (ESL), Tutorials, and the INNOVE which allows students to finish their curricular programs on-line or on mixed-mode media. (More of this in the Academic Section)